Professional Cortador knife and tool set

The ultimate Hamlover's knife and tool set, packed in a smart handmade leather knife roll with fixed individual sheaths for maximum protection for your tools. 

CHF 433

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The set consists of everything a cortador needs. All knives and tools are German-made by F. Dick, the reference standard for professional cutlery. These are their top-line Premier Plus models.

Hamlovers edition 25 cm ham slicing knife
21cm cleaning/skinning knife
13cm flexible deboning knife
30cm ovoid micro-groove sharpening steel
13cm high-carbon stainless steel ham pincer
Professional all-stainless steel cutting glove
Handmade 50 x 50cm cowhide knife roll

Fully forged from high carbon stainless steel, the F. Dick knives included in this set are suited to their tasks- the 25 cm (10") ham knife blade is extremely hard and razor sharp yet will bend to 45 degrees, offering the ideal flexibility for ham cutting. The deboning knife is also quite flexible, allowing the knife to bend around the contours of the bone. The 8" cleaning/skinning knife is rigid and a bit heavier at 169g.

The blade and base of the handles of all the knives (which are forged in one piece) are made from X45CrMoV15, a steel alloy in which each component has a special part to play: chromium strengthens the steel against wear and tear, molybdenum gives it resistance to corrosion and carbon its terrific hardness.

The handles are made from high-density polypropylene. The precision of the manufacturing is such that the handles are so tightly bound to the blade that not even the finest crack or gap is left, making it impossible for food residue or liquids to penetrate.

Unlike some other "Made in Germany" knives like Henckels and Zwilling, F. Dick knives are actually made in Germany, where the company has been forging blades since 1778.

Dick sharpening steels are highly polished so as to remove a minimum amount of material from the blade. Professional butchers, who often hone their knife blades every 15 minutes when working steadily in order to keep the edge aligned, swear by this model. It's ovoid shape is perfect for honing any straight-blade (non-serrated) knife.

The cut-resistant professional cutting glove is made from thousands of welded stainless-steel ringlets. Its all-metal cuffs won't break down or fall apart like fabric or plastic cuffs when exposed to water or chemicals. Fits either hand.

The 50 x 50cm leather knife roll is handmade in Albacete, Spain's leatherworking capital. The heavy cowhide is hand-stitched and riveted. Heavy-duty brass snaps lock each knife firmly into its sheath. Three steel buckles on the outside close the roll tightly. A sturdy stitched leather handle makes the roll easy to take with you.

Makes a memorable gift. Only from Hamlovers.