Hamlovers Premier Plus edition ham knife by F. Dick

CHF 88

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Fully forged from high carbon stainless steel, the 26 cm (10") blade is extremely hard and razor sharp yet will bend to 45 degrees, offering the ideal flexibility for ham cutting. 

The blade and base of the handle (which are forged in one piece) are made from X45CrMoV15, a steel alloy in which each component has a special part to play: chromium strengthens the steel against wear and tear, molybdenum gives it resistance to corrosion and carbon its terrific hardness.

The handle is made from high-density polypropylene. The precision of the manufacturing is such that the handle is so tightly bound to the blade that not even the finest crack or gap is left, making it impossible for food residue or liquids to penetrate. 

Unlike some other "Made in Germany" knives like Henckels and Zwilling, Dick knives are actually made in Germany, where the company has been forging blades since 1778.

The knife is perfectly balanced at 142 grams. Sharpened and honed by hand. Available only from Hamlovers.